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Questions about Little Arrows?

We Have The Answers!

We are built for children age 8 and under, who are also at or under 52 inches in height.  Children older than 8 or exceeding our height limit are not permitted in the play area, even while accompanying younger siblings.

Yes!  All children must have socks on when playing in the play area. If you did not bring socks they are available for sale for $2.  Adults who will be accompanying children in the play area must wear socks as well.  If adults will just be seated in the play area near the doors, they do not need to remove their shoes.

All guests are asked to check-in at the welcome desk each time they visit.  We do not allow access to the play area for anyone who has not checked in.  If you have family members or other guests who will be arriving after you and your child have checked in and entered the play area, please let those later arriving guests to check-in at the cafe counter.  Later arriving adults will be escorted by a staff member into the play area where we will confirm that these guests are expected by those who arrived earlier.

Yes. You are welcome to bring your own food in or order from area restaurants to bring in or deliver.  We have a variety of menus you can choose from and place the order while at Little Arrows Play Café.   We allow parents with infants to bring in baby bottles, sippy cups, and baby food.  Please inform our staff at check-in that you have brought food with you and do your best to help us keep a clean and safe environment for everyone.

No, we provide professional party services as part of our core business offering and are proud of our awesome birthday party results.   Simple celebrations, such as singing “Happy Birthday” and presenting a child with a cupcake or treat bought at Little Arrows are perfectly fine.  In fact, if a child comes to Little Arrows on their birthday please let our staff know at check-in.

No.  During our Open Play hours parents are responsible for staying in Little Arrows while their child is present.  Periodically we will be hosting special events where it will be possible to drop off your child for a short period of time.   These will be posted in our special events calendar.

Little Arrows is located on a single floor with no steps or barriers to movement. There is one small step and a ramp in the hallway entry point in the Arcade, or we can arrange for entry from Church Street with no steps.  We have a fantastic facility for our special needs friends with therapy and sensory equipment designed specifically for them.  Additionally, all children are welcome to play with all age-appropriate equipment whenever they are in the Little Arrows Play Café.

Besides safety of our guests, providing a clean environment is a primary goal.  Each night after we close, our staff cleans and sanitizes every surface in our play area and cafe.  We use a green sanitizer on our toys and hard surfaces and Simply Green sanitizer throughout the play structure.  Mid-day our staff also sanitize all frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs and handholds.  Staff follow a daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning /upkeep schedule throughout our facility. Little Arrows upholds the highest standards in cleanliness to assure our patrons a safe and enjoyable experience. To this end, we appreciate awareness of an area that might need sprucing up after a busy period.

No.  This is a small non-profit business run by the good volunteer servants of Marne United Methodist Church.