Little Arrows Play Café…where Children Play and Parents Connect!

Little Arrows Play Café began as a dream by a group of individuals from Marne United Methodist Church in the winter of 2014 to meet some specific needs we saw in the community.  At that time, we began to discover and learn the opportunities in downtown Newark for children and parents to connect.  The idea of doing something in and for the city became indelible upon our hearts even if we didn’t know what we would do or how we would do it.

The invitation to join the Union Square property and partner with the likes of 31 West, Moe’s, Denison, and Sage Yoga was a dream come true to add value to these businesses as well as the Arcade and other places in the city.  Our research into what we could do continued and the idea of a play café was born.  Nobody on our team had ever even heard of a play café at that time!  After much research and visiting Columbus area play cafés, we learned how the business of a play café could be formed as a non-profit.  As a non-profit play café, Little Arrows can provide services to you as affordably as possible, allowing access to the play café to people of all walks of life.

Little Arrows Play Café provides play for children and connection with parents and care takers. We are providing our community with respite for struggling parents and grandparents along with safe, fun play for children. Little Arrows Play Café supports parents and childhood development with programs and classes to meet the needs of a diverse community.

Founded by members of Marne United Methodist Church, Little Arrows has a passion to change lives physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  We welcome people of all faiths, backgrounds and religious beliefs, and we unashamedly believe that Jesus has an answer for all of life’s questions.  At Little Arrows, you will not find that reality forced upon you, but we are available to help you discover it on your own.

Little Arrows Play Café is designed for special needs children as well.  We have a fully-equipped sensory area stocked with therapy equipment so parents can work with their special children while their siblings play in the play space.

For the stressed-out mom…come and let your child play while you get a cup of hot coffee and rest!

For the engaging dad…come play with your kids in the play area and enjoy their laughter and fun!

For the searching grandparent…give those kiddos a chance to cut loose and run around safely for a bit!

For the meeting with childcare needs…bring the kids along and we will host your meeting in the café!

For date night…watch for special events where you can drop the kids off and have dinner at Moe’s and attend a concert at 31 West! Or take in a session of at Sage Yoga!

Whatever your needs are for your children, we hope that you can find some solutions with Little Arrows Play Café!

Play Cafe with a Purpose

Little Arrows Play Café is a place for children to play and be creative and learn valuable skills to mature and grow in life.  We offer age appropriate play and organized programs for infants through children age 7.

For parents, grandparents and guardians, we offer an opportunity to play with your special little ones, work on school work, meet with a friend, host a small group and enjoy a hot cup of coffee and free wifi.