There may be room for you to volunteer at Little Arrows Play Café.

Every potential volunteer must fill out an application and submit to a background check.  Following these steps, volunteer servants will be required to shadow existing staff and join in on training sessions as scheduled.

Another opportunity for you to be involved in the life-changing work of Little Arrows is by making tax-deductible gifts. Your financial gifts may go to operating expenses, to the maintenance and purchase of toys, furniture and equipment, or to a scholarship fund for children who cannot afford to attend Little Arrows Play Café.

If you would like to be involved, but maybe don’t see yourself as an up-front type person and you have interest in administration or website and social media platforms, there is a need for you!  We have some specific needs for assistance in these areas if you have the desire and ability to be a part of something new and fun in your community.

If you would like to be involved with Little Arrows Play Café in any of these ways, please find us on Facebook and send us a message or see one of our staff at the upcoming opening events!