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Menu and Pricing

$3 - Easy Mac and Cheese

$3 - Uncrustable PB&J

$1 - Snacks - prepackaged snacks, applesauce, carrots

$1 - Hot drinks and Cold drinks

$4 - Meal - Choose Easy Mac OR Uncrustable + 2 Snacks + 1 Drink

Fun for the Day

First Child Day Pass


Per Child

Second Child Day Pass


Per Child

Last Hour


Per Child



Per Pair

Deposit - Due at Booking


Final Payment - Due at Time of Party


Family Passes

Monthly Family Pass


Per Month

Annual Passes Starting At


Per Year

As a non-profit venture, Little Arrows Play Cafe strives to keep costs as low as possible, that’s why we work with an all-volunteer labor force!  We want Little Arrows to be as accessible as possible for as many people as possible, so we set the price at $5 for the first child and $3 per subsequent child in the same family and  $1- $3 for snacks and drinks.  We hope to maintain these or lower prices for a very long time.


You might ask, if the prices are that low, why charge any money at all?  We believe in the great value of exchange.  While we do not intend to “get rich” off the backs of the people we serve, we do expect that the people we serve have value to exchange with us.  By charging some money, we can allow others to invest in us.


We believe that we have the quality and service as good as Columbus area play cafes, we can just offer at a greatly reduced rate to make it affordable to everyone.  With our scholarship program, those who have a little more means can help those who may have less means.


For frequent guests, you may be interested in our monthly and annual passes.  For $30 you can purchase a monthly pass which is effective for 30 days from the first day you use it.  Or maybe you would be interested in our annual passes that start at $100 which would be good for an entire year from the first time you use it.


For businesses and organizations, perhaps you would want to give annual passes to your members as gifts or incentives.  Maybe you should consider supporting Little Arrows Play Café with a tax deductible gift of $1,000 and receive 10 annual passes to give away to your membership.


All of these revenue sources go directly back into Little Arrows Play Café or into other non-profits through our Give Back program.